Choose Your Meals

We provide a 7 day meal preparation service, freshly cooked meals delivered straight to your door. We have no set menu, so there are different meal combination to choose from. You can choose from one carbohydrate, one protein one vegetable on our order form during check out. You get our free weight management program with our meal prep service.

Freshly Cooked

Your tasty meals are made with fresh produce and large quantities of white meat, lean cuts of red meat or fish. Your portion sizes are indicated in cooked food weight and the quantity of healthy food you receive for the price makes our meal prep service the most affordable meal prep service on the market.


Calorie Controlled Diet Plan

We do not just provide a meal prep service, we also provide a weight management program that comes free with our meal prep service. All meals are calculated to perfection, you will receive a full nutrition and fitness program that will be tailor-made for maximum results. You will be able to view your meal and exercise plan via our mobile app.

Deliver To Your Door

Your pre-cooked meals are made fresh daily and are delivered to your door. Each meal is plated in a microwave-safe food container and each meal is vacuum-sealed to retain freshness. All your meals are delivered in a corrugated box with a special thermal liner and dry ice to make sure your meals are in optimal condition.

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